Laurie A Franks





3D Modeling







I'm an Artist/Animator with over 15 years  industry experience. So far, I've had the privilege of pursuing my interests in multiple disciplines  at some pretty great places.  I've animated, rigged, modeled, created concepts, storyboards, and  animatics. I'm comfortable working autonomously, as well as collaborating with a team to finalize a project, and I'm hoping to join a new team soon... please drop me a line after viewing my portfolio and lets talk !






Activision/Blizzard (Toys for Bob): Environment Artist.


Madagascar 1 & 2

Shrek Super Slam

Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam

Guitar Hero 5

Guitar Hero: Van Halen

Skylanders : Spyro's  Adventure

Skylanders: Giants

Skylanders: Trap Team


Collaborated with multiple departments to provide:

Modeling, textures, and lighting for  game environments. Looks dev/concept. Character /creature  modeling.  Rigging/skinning and animations for  both hard surface props and ambient creatures.




Big Ape Productions: Character Modeler.


Celebrity Deathmatch


Modeled and textured player characters and  stop-motion phoneme sets .  Magpie lip-synch setup and cleanup. Supervised outsourcing of create-a-player assets.




ABC affiliate WLOX-TV:  Animator & Producer, Creative Services.


 Hired as lead animator/modeler on 3d/live action educational video for MDEQ , transitioned to commercial production . Created storyboards & performed initial pitch  to clients, directed on-site  production/video shoots, collaborated with editors and sound engineers  in  studio.





Maya, 3D Studio Max,  Zbrush, Photoshop, Premiere, TVPaint, Autodesk Sketchbook Pro, Crazybump, Xnormal, Animation Master, POVray.  Currently learning Unity and experimenting with Oculus Rift & SDK.





Animation Collaborative:  Animation & Storyboarding

USM: B.S. Degree, Biological Science  1997

MSGCCC: ASC Degree, General Science MSGCCC Honors Program Graduate 1994






Establishing shot of central tower begins at 0:48 which is my work. I was also responsible for establishing key pieces (modeling and textures) which were used by team of artists on modular platform pieces.


Flowerpots, furniture items and most destructible pieces in this level are also my work, in addition to any model piece in the environment that is moving with the exception of the gear platform mechanisms.


Paul Reiche

Studio President, Toys for Bob, Activision


"I worked with Laurie at Toys For Bob from 2004 to 2014 and I strongly recommend both her environmental art

skills as well as her character creation and modeling. Perhaps just as important, Laurie is rare gem -- a real, live gamer.

Her affection (and sharp critical eye) for current and past games means Laurie consistently delivers assets that

amplify the game's fun on top of making it look great. "


Fred Ford

CTO at Toys For Bob


"Laurie has been a longtime contributor to Toys for Bob and most recently the Skylanders games that we have released.

Besides working on their artistic expression, many of the adventure levels in those games derived from her ideas and/or concepts.


In addition to execution, she also worked with me and the rest of the technical staff to troubleshoot proprietary art tools, designed to improve artist productivity. No new tech was too new for her to experiment with and provide feedback on.


I would work again with Laurie."


Terry Falls

Art Director at Toys For Bob


"I am pleased to write a recommendation for Laurie Franks.

Laurie is a passionate dedicated Artist. I have been impressed with her abilities and accomplishments.

In my opinion Laurie’s strengths lay in her uncanny ability to express whimsy and humor in her work.


I have been extremely impressed with both Laurie’s technical ability and motivation. Her creativity

flows from her without effort. She applies sensitivity and originality to every project.

Laurie is an intuitive and talented artist; she has been an asset to the Skylanders franchise.


As you can see, I have been delighted with Laurie’s work. If you are looking for an organized and

articulate person to help contribute to you project I highly recommend her."

Dan Ross

Animator at Toys For Bob


"Laurie is your one-stop dynamo of art and animation! I've worked with Laurie at two companies, Big Ape Productions,

where she was modeling and rigging for animation, and Toys For Bob where she was doing level art and animation.

Laurie is dangerously smart and able to incorporate any toolsets into her palette and turn that around to create really

wonderful art.

Most recently at Toys For Bob she was working in level art but we kept stealing her over to the animation dept when we

needed extra help getting things animated.

So she can do level mesh, props, textures, model characters for animation, she can animate, she can paint and sculpt

amazing things.

Did I say she's dangerously smart? Yeah because her rapier wit and zingers will keep you in stitches!

Like I said, Laurie is a dynamo and you can bet she'll be an intrinsic asset to your team."


Guy Riessen

Environment Artist at ILM


"Laurie Franks is a fantastically talented artist I worked with at Activision/Toys for Bob.  She's a rare find, comfortable

not only moving between environment and character design, modeling and texturing, but even full character animation.

An enthusiastic team-member, she's able to move fluidly across disciplines and departments; her quick-learning and

can-do attitude will allow her to step into even unfamiliar roles quickly.  She's an asset to any studio lucky enough to

pick her up, and I look forward to working with her again!"



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